Sandra Chevrier "Les Cages; Collections of the Broken" @ REED Projects, Stavanger

Nov 08, 2013 - Dec 10, 2013Reed Projects, Stavanger

We have only been away from Stavanger, Norway for a month now, and we miss it already. But if you are still up in the great North, and need some art viewing in your life, we recommend checking out Montreal-based fine artist, Sandra Chevrier's new exhbiition, Les Cages; Collections of the Broken, opening at Reed Projects on November 8, 2013. 

Chevrier's work is described in a nice way: "Mythological comic based stories combine with advertising models, not to create a pretty picture (though they achieve that too, in spades), but to highlight and then unshackle us from the escapist dream that more often than not, serves no one but corporate stakeholders."

Les Cages; Collections of the Broken by Sandra Chevrier
Opens Friday November 8th 1900
November 8-Dec 10.
Salvågergate 10
Stavanger 4013.