San Francisco Street Photography by Travis Jensen @ Gensler, SF

May 09, 2013 - Jun 29, 2013Gensler Art, San Francisco

Our friend and wonderful San Francisco-based photographer Travis Jensen is opening a solo exhibition entitled Barbary Coast Now on Thursday, May 9th at Gensler Art in San Francisco. Scouring the streets of San Francisco on a daily basis, Jensen doesn’t just photograph the unique, eclectic characters and environment of the city, he brings his subjects kicking and screaming to life for his legion of fans — exploring the real street life and personalities that few tourists get to see. If you’re a “fixture” on the streets of San Francisco, chances are Travis already knows you, has interacted with you, traded life stories, learned about your past, or shared a drink with you. And of course…has photographed you.

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“I’ve truly seen it all in this town, everything from being shot at from pointblank range to witnessing the birth of my two beautiful children. I can’t really see myself living any place else, and I never get bored roaming the streets with a camera.” — Travis Jensen, on his adopted city of San Francisco.

All images courtesy the artist.

Barbary Coast Now

Travis Jensen

Gensler Art

May 9th - June 29th, 2013