San Diego Surf Film Festival this weekend

May 11, 2012

This weekend (its started already) is the inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival, and with a great line-up of shorts, full-lenghts, documentaries, and experimental work, we wish we could check out Through the Whiskey Barrel: A Film About Surfing In Scotland (it shows on Saturday, May 12, we have time).

From the San Diego Surf Film Festival:

San Diego may not be the birthplace of surfing but there is no denying the contributions and innovations that this beautiful city and its ocean loving community have provided to the surfing world. Early in the 20th century, Hawaiians George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku sewed seeds in fertile soil that continue to flourish to this day. Since then, the San Diego surfing timeline consists of such revered names as Simmons, Ekstrom, Gordon, Van Artsdalen, Frye, Diffenderfer, Hansen, Curren, Caster, Hynson, Dobson, Oakey, Lis, O’Rourke, Divine, Preisendorfer, Pendarvis, Mirandon, Roper, Thrailkill, Warner, Kenvin and this is just to name a few. Intertwine that amazing history with 75 miles of diverse coastline, a new crop of creative board designers and an incredibly deep talent pool, you soon realize San Diego simply lives and breathes everything that is wave riding.

The inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival welcomes one and all to celebrate the passion that we all share for just being in the ocean. Since Bruce Brown sent shockwaves throughout the world with “Endless Summer” the surf film has become a staple in our lives. Surfing and surf cinema alike have been developed by individuals with a deep passion for trying to capture and preserve the very special feeling of just being a surfer. And they will continue to do so long after every one has gone home. So to honor this tradition, we are announcing a call for submissions to all filmmakers with a passion to keep making surf films not because you have to but because you need to.

We are stoked to officially announce the inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival at Bird’s Surf Shed, May 11-13, 2012 and welcome filmmakers and surf enthusiasts around the world to come celebrate the art of surf cinema in our beautiful hometown.

And here is the trailer for Through the Whiskey Barrel: A Film About Surfing In Scotland . . .


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