Sage Vaughn "Wildflowers" @ Blueshift Project, NYC

May 06, 2015 - Jun 21, 2015Blueshift Project, New York City

Sage Vaughn was the cover of our February 2015 issue, our inaugural Beyond the Cover subject, and probably one of our favorite artists working today. As we wrote in February, Sage has changed some things up with his art. He has begun to work in the "Garden," and as we wrote at the time, "these new works are meditations on gardens and our ability to manipulate and control beauty. But other possibilities arise. These works find meaning in the patterns of personal life, the unseen mappings of our universe, and how we find ourselves connecting dots and moving forward without losing a sense of self. There is truth in this process."

On May 6—June 21, 2015, Sage will open "Wildflowers" at Blueshift Project in NYC. As the gallery notes, "Blueshift New York is pleased to announce it’s inaugural exhibition, Wild Flowers, a solo show with the Los Angeles-based artist Sage Vaughn. This new body of work is a meditation on gardens and our incessant desire to control nature and fabricate beauty. The garden serves as metaphor for the natural beauty that strangely coexists with our inherent decline and mortality. "