Saber "The Ugly American" @ The Outsiders, London

Jan 10, 2014 - Feb 15, 2014The Outsiders, London

Down south, by popular demand. Saber took over The Outsiders Newcastle space this past Fall, and now he will bring his "The Ugly American" exhibition down to The Outsiders London. Saber's exhibition features a wide range of paintings, created with his signature technique of blending unforgiving aerosol art with exquisite abstractions in charcoal and oil. The works aim to be an aesthetic reflection on American society, just like the 1963 movie The Ugly American starring Marlon Brando.

From the gallery: The exhibitionʼs predominantly abstract works in spray paint, oils and charcoal also include both Saberʼs trademark Stars ‘n’ Stripes flags on stained wood – his “OldMath” series – and depictions of the UK’s Union Jack flag too. The artist’s ongoing “BaseElements” works in an abstract graffiti style are also represented. The pieces come in the large-scale format Saber utilises regularly, and more manageable sizes.

Saber: The Ugly American
January 10—February 15, 2014
The Outsiders London