Ryan Travis Christian "Check please!" @ Western Exhibitions, Chicago

Apr 25, 2014 - Jun 06, 2014Western Exhibitions, Chicago

Featured in our print edition and Psychedelic Book, we are stoked to see the new work of Ryan Travis Christian at Western Exhibitions in Chicago opening on Friday, April 25. For Check please, his second solo show at Western Exhibitions, Ryan Travis Christian presents graphite on paper drawings featuring his signature cartoon-style alongside a second suite of works on paper and sculptures that employ color. These new bodies of work introduce new elements and motifs (chevrons, spirals and lighting bolts), building on the artist’s already extensive and distinct visual vocabulary (zig-zag linear patterns, hallucinatory energy, optical illusions and fractured spaces).

Running concurrently with the Ryan's show is a collaborative public mural in Chicago at 845 Washington Ave, featuring Ryan with friends Cody Hudson, Jose Lerma, Josh Reames, Kate Ruggeri, Adam Scott, Peter Skvara, Geoffrey Todd Smith, and Scott Wolniak. Some more friends may be joining the mural soon.