Ron English x Popaganda "Mini Billboard Release"

August 27, 2012
There are many of us who can't get the confidence and will to takeover a billboard and re-insert a bit of truth into the public consciousness, but then again, we can't all be Ron English. Known to cleverly takeover over a billboard in his time, Ron and his Popaganda team are releasing mini-billboard prints, the first being "Breathe," on his site on Wednesday, August 29. (Stay tuned for Ron's takeover of Juxtapoz in November 2012)

Here is the lowdown from Popaganda:

The first in our series of Mini Billboard releases features the infamous "Breathe" artwork. First seen in 2005 on a life size billboard in Jersey City, this satirical poke at the tobacco industry is limited to just 30 pieces (worldwide).


- Stands at 9.5" tall

- Giclée Print

- Limited to 30 pieces

- Signed and Numbered by Ron English


Available from Wednesday August 29th, at 12pm (EST)