ROID x INSA in 'Paradise'

February 22, 2014



Bringing the heat per usual, London based ROID and INSA turned POW! WOW! Hawaii out this year by creating this larger than life animation of the wall they painted. Having to paint, and re-paint the large scale piece in Oahu's Honolulu, the duo put together this mind melting bit of GIF-ITI in their signature styles and palettes for you to watch on repeat x 1000.




'The GIF idea is something I came up with a couple years ago. I was playing with the idea of what people see, how they see art, where they see it in real life, and where they see it online. I know a million more people are going to see it on the Internet, not here in real life. It’s a way to make the best of your platform rather than the way that people see it by default because they look at the Internet. I wanted to make the Internet the actual, ultimate viewing platform for the final piece of work.' INSA VIA COMPLEX