Ride It Sculpture Park, Detroit

April 19, 2012

Ride It Sculpture Park, Tony Miorana from Power House Productions on Vimeo.

Remember last year when we worked in Detroit with Power House Productions on reimagining a neighborhood and homes through the works of Swoon, Richard Colman, Retna, Monica Canilao, Ben Wolf, and Saelee Oh? Power House is at it again, this time working with a team that includes close friend and photographer Joe Brook to bring a unique skate park to the neighborhood. And they need your help.

Here is the full skinny:

In a unique and diverse Detroit neighborhood a transition is taking place. People are moving out, but people are also starting to move back. There is a devotion to this neighborhood, a uniquness and a challange to create a place that is rich in diversity, exciting and fun live in, beautiful and clean to play in. This is where Ride-it Sculpture Park takes it's inspiration and come this summer, with your help, will become the first sculpture park for skateboarders. A place where bored neighborhood teenagers and adults can meet, play, create, build and ride on.


Ride it Sculpture Park consists of four vacant commercial lots along East Davison Freeway in Detroit and an adjacent vacant house as the main site for the project. The house will serve as a mini indoor park, transforming parts of the house to be skateable and livable at the same time for visiting skateboarders and artists. The park will extend into the neighborhood revamping neglected alleys, garages and other vacant lots, creating a new and positive use for the forgotten and dismissed landscapes of this great city.


OUR TEAM consists of artists and skateboard industry professionals from the neighborhood and across the country:


Joe Brook, Photographer for Thrasher Mag. THE MAN who got this thing going. Will be photographing the build.


Pat Miller of Chiipss Plymouth, MI skate shop - soon to be moving to Hamtramck!


Andrew Davis Good Wood Skateboard deck art fundraiser, Auction coming on line soon....!


Mark Waters Emirica's WIld in The Streets Detroit.


Greg Hunt, Filmaker will be documenting the build in June.


Tony Miorana and crew. Pro Skaters and Park Builders


Design 99. Park design concept by Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert's Design wing.


With the closing of most recreational facilities and lack of art venues in the city Detroit is in dire need for new models for community building, infrastructure care and neighborhood life that is dependent on DYI projects as apposed to business as usual. Designing and building of Ride It Sculpture Park will be done with the help and input of the local teens, making them stakeholders/skateboarders in the growth and success of their neighborhood.


And for the Kids on Grant Street, we promise the park will not suck.


For more information about Ride It Sculpture Park Detroit visit them on Crowd Rise Now.