Richard Diebenkorn "The Berkeley Years" @ de Young, SF

Jun 22, 2013 - Sep 29, 2013de Young, San Francisco

Local Boy Makes Good! “I’m really a traditional painter, not avante garde at all. I wanted to follow a tradition and extend it.” And the San Francisco native’s own words start you off on what should be a languorous visit to familiar places like Chabot Valley in Richard Biebenkorn’s The Berkeley Years, now showing at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. But even more familiar and very compelling is a personal journey that can be experienced through this painter’s eyes. 

This is a rewarding way to spend a solo afternoon. Share his view from behind the potted plant or inhabit the sleepy quiet in a sunlit easy chair, all the while soaking in his brilliant colors. The mix and transformation of abstract and figurative approach and question. Don’t rush through this show but plan to see it sometime this Summer before it closes on September 29th

Richard Diebenkorn 

The Berkeley Years 1953-1966

de Young Museum

June 22nd - September 29th