Recap: Sage Vaughn, Deedee Cheriel, Curtis Kulig @ Gallery For the People

October 22, 2012

Last Thursday in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Los Altos Hills, Juxtapoz and actress Marisa Tomei helped co-host a one-night exhibition to help benefit the Palo Alto International Film Festival. Featuring the works of Sage Vaughn, Deedee Cheriel, and Curtis Kulig, the migrating pop-up Gallery for the People organized the event to bring together both cultures of film and art. Having a chance to work with artists that have been featured with the magazine in the past, and a chance to hang out in quite an amazing venue in the Silicon Valley with our co-host Marisa Tomei made for a lovely Thursday evening for the Juxtapoz team.


Gallery For the People noted, “We are thrilled to show new works for the first time in the Bay Area and of course to partner with the PAIFF,” says gallerist and co-founder, film-producer, Eva Maria Daniels, who is located part- time in Palo Alto. “Our mission is to celebrate the cultures of film and art, and we are privileged to bring our vision to Silicon Valley, where these platforms can thrive amidst the foreground of technology.”

For more looks at the artwork, check here.

Photography by Gustavo Fernandez/Drew Altizer Photography

*Food was provided by Portola Kitchen and wine by Palo Alto Wine Room.

Sage Vaughn gets a centerpiece:

Curtis Kulig's corner:
Deedee Cheriel's work:
Sage and Curtis:

Co-hosts Marisa Tomei and Juxtapoz' Evan Pricco
Curtis Kulig, Jux editor Evan Pricco, GFTP's Ally Canosa, GFTP's Eva Marie Daniels, Deedee Cheriel, Marisa Tomei, Sage Vaughn:
The venue: