Ravi Zupa "Nothing Teaches Needs" @ The Outsiders, London

January 12, 2012

The Outsiders London announce the first UK solo show by Denver-based artist Ravi Zupa (Juxtapoz #121). Utilizing sex, samurais, exotic goddesses, rappers, guns, and money, Zupa uses passionate visual vocabulary to preach messages of compassion to explore the denial of human emotional needs.

Zupa, is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture and with works on paper. He employs recycled materials such as “blueprints, envelopes, and old letters salvaged from dumpsters” to work on using “graphite, colored pencil, India ink, latex and acrylic paint, oil paint and pastel, chalk pastel, relief, block print cut from traffic cones, silk screen and collage—whatever is required.” And in this way the process reflects the message—be aware of needs, and the rewards will be apparent.


For more information, visit Theoutsiders.net.