"Welcome to the Tenderloin" @ Ever Gold Gallery

March 29, 2012

Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco will be hosting Yokonori Stone’s first solo exhibition titled “Welcome to the Tenderloin” next Thursday April, 5th, 2012.  It appears the artist drew inspiration from and will be paying tribute to many of San Francisco’s art staples and its scenic landscape. “I hope I don’t piss off Barry McGee cause I really like his work and sometimes I wish I was him”, says Stone.  For more information visit Evergoldgallery.com


Painting above titled "Shhh! Cant you see Barry McGee is working"


"Chris Johanson and Ron Turner discuss beard health, circa 2006"

jux_stone4 "Mavricks" jux_stone3 "Mission Hipster" jux_stone2 "San Francisco Group Show" jux_stone1