"Jesus! What Did You Do?": A Tale of Art Restoration Failure

August 29, 2012

In a recent and somewhat tragic incident,  the church of Santuario de Misericordia's fresco depicting good ol' JC was radically revamped, or at least that was the initial goal of the eighty-something-year-old amateur restorer who took the project on without asking permission. A quote from culture councilor Juan Maria de Ojeda describes the fate of the 19th century wall painting aptly remarking she noticed "she had gotten out of hand" and gone on to confess to local authorities. This new image of Christ seems to accompany new luxuries. It appears he has traded his thorns in for what seems to be a fur hood, provoking a twisting and awestruck blurry facial expression of pleasure? We're not sure, but one thing is sure: we do not recommend doing this at your local museum.