"Good Grief" @ Double Break, a One-Year Anniversary

June 22, 2012

If you haven't caught notice of Double Break in San Diego quite yet, it is a relatively new establishment that has been hosting numerous noteworthy exhibitions and events for one year now in their gallery and book store on Fifth Avenue. Book releases, drawing jams, and guest curated shows (by artists like Jay Howell and Ryan Travis Christian) are some of the events that Double Break has been hosting since its opening, providing a gathering point for the community in the San Diego area. To celebrate their one-year anniversary of opening Double Break, artist co-owners Matt Coors and Louis Schmidt will be showing an exhibition of their own work titled Good Grief. The exhibition will have new pattern-laden drawings, prints, and publications from the two UCSD MFA alums encompassing their shared "interests in the machinations and narratives of history, in pattern (and pattern disruption) as design and metaphor, in all things curious and mind-blowing, and lastly, in linguistic sword fighting, i.e. pun wars." 

From the press:"Good Grief quotes the famous, exasperated utterance of Charlie Brown, Charles Schultz’s character from his comic strip The Peanuts, created in 1950. Easily one of the most iconic post-war comic characters in American history, Charlie Brown is much more than the archetypal born loser. He is “failure” with a capital F, a sort of anti-hero set against the myth of the “self-made” individual, who issues a constant wake-up call to all those lost in the fog of the American dream. The flip side of that half-century old narrative is a character who weathers the storms of a disappointing existence, sometimes gracefully—most times clumsily—but always in a way that brings relief to his audience. That being said, however, if there’s anything that Coors and Schmidt both love, it’s wordplay, and Good Grief evokes a particularly pleasing dichotomy. Paired together, “Good” and “grief” suggest both exasperation, and the enjoyment of grief, and as such, the cycle of grief. Compounded by the allusion to Charlie Brown as American anti-hero, “good grief” suggests cycles of failure, patterns of discord and unhappiness in perpetuity. The works in this exhibition embody a myriad of sentiments, from the stoic and memorial to the whimsical and awestruck- come see for yourself! 

From the artists:

Matt Coors: “A lot of my recent work is a meditation on the human need to organize things in order to cope with or pretend to comprehend the vastness and complexity of the universe, the world, our history, our surroundings, and our uncertain future. I am often interested in exploring the similarities and differences between the acts of articulating the world and summing it up, and the feelings that can be conveyed through either of these strategies.”

Louis M Schmidt: “What he said.”

Good Grief

New Work by Matt Coors and Louis M Schmidt


Opening reception Friday, June 22, 2012 (6-10PM)

Exhibition runs through Saturday, July 21, 2012"


Drawing Jam #4: Monday, June 25, 2012 (8PM-Midnight)

Free, 21+

Mark your calendars for Drawing Jam #4 (at Tin Can Alehouse - 1863 5th Ave). Invited by Double Break, ten local artists will hang out and draw at the Tin Can all night, selling drawings (for very reasonable prices),drinking beer and talking up a storm. This is a great, casual way to meet local artists and collect affordable drawings. Come check it out! Joining us this time around are: Niko Burke, CJ “tic tac toe” Coccia, Matt Coors, Stephanie Lie, David McHank, Max Karnig, Morgan Manduley, Regan Russell, Louis M Schmidt and Jordan Stark!

Double Break

1821 5th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101