"Fore" @ Studio Museum, Harlem

Nov 12, 2012 - Mar 10, 2013Studio Museum, Harlem, New York



Showing through March 10 at the Studio Museum in Harlem, Fore presents 29 emerging artists of African-American desent who live and work in the US. The featured artists work in diverse media and are blending artistic practices in some very cool new and innovative ways. The New York Times described the exhibition as "Racial Redefinition in Progress." It "keeps racial politics alive but discreet and covers the waterfront in terms of mediums, which it samples and mixes with turntablist flair."


One of the artists featured in the show, Los Angeles-based artist Kenyatta Hinkle paints over colonial-era postcards made for European eyes of nude and seminude "native" women from West Africa. Also based in Los Angeles, Nigerian-borm Toyin Odutola's paintings feature sitters "so black that their forms read like solid, featureless silhouettes from across a room. Only up close do you see that their eyes are wide open, and their skin is a porous weave of ropy ink lines, with rainbow color glinting through like light from behind." (via new york times)