"A Ride of Death" Bicycle Safety Manual circa 1940s

March 01, 2012

Don't let the playful, retro suburban illustrations fool you, this collection of images is a matter of life or death. Here in San Francisco, riding your bike around town can be tricky with hills, motorists, and crazy people assaulting you from all angles. Wearing headphones among the chaos is not recommended. This safety manuel doesn't include that tip (probably because headphones weren't invented yet), but read the rest and take notes so you can avoid the grim fate of these unfortunate bicyclists.

via: http://www.retronaut.co/2012/02/death-caused-by-carelessness-by-the-bicyclist-1940s/
(via: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/a-ride-of-death)