"A Bigger Picture": David Hockney @ Royal Academy of Arts, London

February 04, 2012

A Bigger Picture features fifty years of Hockney's fascination and investigation of landscape. Many of the works are inspired by the East Yorkshire countryside and created in the last five years specifically for this exhibition at the Royal Academy. Hockney has always been interested in re-examining how we see and make pictures through a variety of mediums, but most notably through photography, drawing, and painting. The paintings in the exhibition are fresh and new but still identifiably Hockney. The multi-canvas landscapes spanning entire walls of the galleries provide vibrant and uplifting renderings of the seasons and nature in their varying degrees of annual transformation through a tilting and shifting array of perspectives, exhibiting both Hockney's prowess as a draughtsman and as an artist who is continually seeking how to reinvent the we see and make pictures. The show also includes new media such as iPad drawings and films that further investigate the possibilities of picture making in an ever increasing array of technology and opportunities. The show will be on view until April 9th.