Kamasugar: Kama Sutra Lollipops

August 04, 2016

Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta has created a series of deliciously provocative ‘KamaSugar’ lollipops depicting various positions from the Kama Sutra. Yum!

‘Sweet love making’ is what Italian artist Massimo Gammacurta calls of his ‘KamaSugar’ lollipops. These insatiable edibles entangled in classic kama sutra positions clearly stimulate spectrum of senses. Hot red, spicy orange and cool, sensual blue candy confections are sculpted in (extremely) erotic poses, with strands of molten drips and drizzles adding to their impassioned and savage quality.

 "Stimulate your palate and your mind with KamaSugar, the sweet loving addiction."

-Massimo Gammacurta