Prints On Wood Jeff Soto Release

June 07, 2012


Prints On Wood's "The Menace," aka Seeker Friends #3, will be released today, the third wood print from artist Jeff Soto collaboration with online print company Prints on Wood. It's a signed-and-numbered UV print on high-quality plywood, and just like the previous two Seeker Friends releases, "The Menace" will also be a timed-release, meaning it will only be available for purchase for a limited 24 hours. The total amount sold in 24 hours determines the total number in the release. 

Seeker Friends Facts

For those that don’t know, the new Seeker Friends wood print series is a spin off the original “Mini Seeker” painting collection which were acrylic & spray-paint pieces on 5.5” x 5.5” Aquarelle paper. Soto decided to use artwork from that series for the first two Seeker Friends, but rumor has it that the future Seeker Friends will be exclusive pieces created only for wood. The Menace validates this rumor to be true as it appears this little guy did not exist in any of the Mini Seeker sets, however only time will tell as a new print will be released every month.

Unlike the collection based release, a new Seeker Friends print will be released the first Thursday of every month (end date not determined yet). The idea behind this is that fans can purchase only the ones they like without having to buy the whole set OR but them all. Awesome!

Art with Purpose

Not only is the Seeker Friends series really great art for a really great price, it is also art with purpose. One dollar from every order gets donated to the Nature Conservancy towards the Plant a Billion campaign, a foundation that helps restore forests around the World. Sources from the Prints on Wood Company were thrilled to report that the first two Seeker Friends releases have already planted over 1000 trees, an amazing feat considering the small 24 hour purchase window for each print.