Preview: Ron English "Crucial Fiction" @ Opera Gallery, NYC

October 25, 2012

November 2012 cover artist and curator Ron English is set to open a new solo show, Crucial Fiction, at Opera Gallery in NYC on November 2, 2012. Just in time for the elections, Mr. English. As he notes, "...Give me your imagination, and I'll give you my skills." We're in.

“I want to tell my inner child, help me remember what you saw, and I will make it for you..."

Inspired by Andy Warhol, Ron English created his own movement and was baptized "The Father of Street Art." One of the most important and respectable artists of our time, Shepard Fairey, referred to English as "an artist who can paint an advertising satire with the skill of a Renaissance Master (one who's been to the future and witnessed surrealism and 1984!)."

While participating in illegal public art campaigns from the early 1980s, English developed the skills of a master painter to become one of the pioneers of Pop-Surrealism.

He is one of the very few contemporary artists who still uses his oil dipped paintbrush to create masterpieces like a Picasso on acid would do.

English's Guernica is one of his most popular pieces. It is a piece which demonstrates that he does not see as the rest of us. The intensity of the Pop Surrealists’ explosion, including his brilliant use of color and his nightmarish creatures, surely leads the viewers eye and mind towards a feeling of tripping while standing in front of his works.

In "Crucial Fiction," a series of paintings revealing an inspired collaboration with his former self, English seems to have made an important decision to prove that a true artist is able to use his imagination and transform it into reality. His vision is willing to offer us a unique experience with the excitement and vitality of a child, a child who cultivated a bountiful career that has been spread across streets, museums, movies, music, books and television...



Ron English
Crucial Fiction

November 2nd - November 23rd

Opera Gallery

New York City