Preview: Paul Insect "Out of Chaos" @ Opera Gallery, NYC

November 26, 2012

"I can't pretend I'm not in love with Paul Insect a little bit, but not in a gay way,"  says Damien Hirst. Well, if that isn't the way to kick off our time back in the office this morning, previewing May 2007 cover artist Paul Insect's new show at Opera Gallery in NYC and hearing love poems from Damien Hirst, well, then, we don't know what will do it for us. Insect's Out of Chaos opens this Thursday, November 29.


London-based artist Paul Insect is one of cult art's most recognizable and prominent artists. As one of street art's trailblazers, a movement marking a new era in art history, Insect's work can be spotted anywhere from the streets of London to Los Angeles, from Stockholm to Sydney. Paul has worked alongside a host of today's most established artists and helped many with graphically developing their work, including Banksy and Jamie Hewlett. In 2007, Insect joined these and other POW artists painting the controversial separation wall in Palestine.


That same year, "Bullion," his first major show in London, was entirely bought-out by Damien Hirst before opening to the public. This galvanized Insect's position as a groundbreaking artist. "Bullion" is now featured as part of Hirst's "Murderme" collection of contemporary art.


"Out of Chaos" is Paul Insect's first show in New York City and features a series of striking new works projecting a world out of control with visions of both helplessness and hope. How do we emerge out of this chaos? Insect's work demonstrates the power of art as the solution.


"When you work on the streets as long as we all have, there are few artists who's work stands out as fresh and captivating. Since first seeing Paul's work in London some ten years ago, we've been struck by his raw and graphic iconography. He's got a masterful touch walking between the lewd and the ludicrous. Paul's work continues to evolve - proving he can push the boundaries of portraiture while still dancing with rats at night." —Faile 2012, New York




Opera Gallery NY is thrilled to present Paul Insect's first NY show.

Private viewing and opening reception on Thursday November 29th 6PM-9PM

115 Spring St. New York, NY 10012