Preview: OakOak's "892 Miles" @ The Outsiders, Newcastle

May 30, 2012



One of our favorite street artists/interventionists is France's OakOak, who takes the most simple public property and transforms it into his own version of a video game. Cinder blocks turn into the Scream, doorsteps into piano keys, etc. OakOak is set to open a brand new exhibition on June 1, 2012, 892 Miles, at Lazarides' The Outsiders space in Newcastle, England. The show will feature OakOak's domestic pieces along with editioned photographs of his street works.

From The Outsiders:


Ingenious French street artist OakOak has captured imaginations worldwide. Featured everywhere from BBC Brazil to Beijing’s answer to the Metro newspaper, OakOak’s endearing and hilarious appropriation of the city’s run-down elements is street art in its purest form – enthusiastically amateur, utterly unsanctioned, hilarious and memorable. OakOak is an office worker from Saint Etienne with no artistic background.


The Outsiders is delighted to announce the first ever gallery project from OakOak. The macro-doodler will be working ‘live’ by night on the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead – a historic, industrial city that provides plenty of opportunities for him to ply his community-minded vocation. The gallery itself will present a selection of OakOak’s domestic pieces alongside editioned photographs.





892 Miles

The Outsiders

Friday 1st of June 2012 to Saturday 7th of July 2012

Newcastle, England