Preview: Nicola Verlato "Zero Gravity" @ Merry Karnowsky, LA

August 09, 2012

We are bad at keeping secrets, so let's just say that we have something cooking in the magazine with Nicola Verlato. And in the meantime, we have this preview, and think you should check out, Verona, Italy born Verlato's new solo show, Zero Gravity, opening at Los Angeles' Merry Karnowsky Gallery this Saturday, August 11. We got a sneak peek of what Verlato has been working on, and a few studio shots of works in progress.

From Merry Karnowsy:

In Verlato’s newest series of paintings, his brush excises gravity as the fundamental force underpinning every aspect of earthly existence. If gravity is the force that keeps us in our places and stoops us in supplication with the passage of time, then through his paintings, Verlato benevolently grants us “the illusion of liberation from the most constrictive of all the physical laws”. The onset of catastrophic change strikes amid intricate and often intriguingly incomplete narratives, without mercy for resolution or the importance and weight we grant flesh and matter. Verlato, as the master of his painting’s universe, revels in the power and beauty of turning the world upside down.



Nicola Verlato
Zero Gravity
August 11—September 1, 2012
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Los Angeles, California