Preview: Logan Hicks "Structural Integrity" @ The Outsiders, London

July 17, 2012

We had the honor of catching up with NYC stencil artist, Logan Hicks, this past month for a feature in our September issue and a discussion about his new body of work, Structural Integrity, that will open at The Outsiders, London, on Friday, July 20. As well as showing his photorealistic stencil works of dark urban landscapes, Hicks will be showing his excellent photography works that he has been shooting over the past half decade. If you have ever wanted to see some sewars of Europe and London, these are the photos to check out.

From The Outsiders:

Logan is recognised throughout the art world as a pioneer in stencil art, creating photorealistic paintings of urban landscapes in meticulous detail, from layers upon layers of painstakingly cut stencils. Logan states the concept behind his work focusing on city architecture, is his fascination with the idea that hidden between city walls and alleyways are millions of stories and secrets from all the people who have lived and walked these areas before, "my work reflects on the events that have come before me".

Logan Hicks
Structural Integrity
July 20—August 25, 2012
The Outsiders
London, England