Preview: Lafe Harley Eaves @ Park Life Gallery, SF

February 24, 2012

'More Light' is a two-person show of new works by Francesco Deiana and Lafe Harley Eaves that opens this Friday February 24th at Park Life in San Francisco. I dropped by the gallery earlier this week to do a little Q&A with Lafe and get a quick peek of the installation in progress, mainly because I admire his work and, well, I Just. Couldn't. Wait. Any. Longer!!!




HS- I always feel like there is a little part of an artist's subconscious that goes into a series, and this work is a lot different than the older work I've seen you do. Its stark, more minimal, barren- though the rainbows are still there. Do you feel like your current state somehow reflects this new work??
LHE- It was a conscious decision to move away from anything that I felt could be considered a protagonist in what I've been doing lately. So I tried to make it as minimal as possible so anyone looking at it wasn't over-burrdened with what I was thinking about. That's kind of a funny question, I'm not quite sure how to answer that honestly... but, yes I believe that the subconscious plays a giant part of how I work, but at the same time I'm pretty aware of what I'm putting into something. I guess its the end part that's throwing me off, like is my state of mind currently stark, and more minimal? Probably... the work is about some dark stuff I was going through and watching happen and I'm sure as I was making it I wasn't the best person to be around. So in that sense I'd say my subconscious took over, and I just got out of the way it...

Is this series a little bit more nostalgic for you? There is that photograph of the trees....

Yeah, for sure! Most of the time I make work it is... but this series certainly has a base of nostalgia to it. That was definitely a contributing factor in taking out anything that could be dead give away of emotion. I wanted the viewer to be able to take away from the work what they wanted to take away from it, and not have my emotions affecting how they felt about it. Kind of like, I don't know if this has happened to you, but when you love a song and then you discover what that song is about and it has nothing to do with what you attributed to it... well, some times that bums me out.




And you mentioned all the pieces are named song titles?


I've always done that, It started out as a cop-out when I was in school because I didn't know how to name a series of work based on Britney Spears. But yeah, they all are, maybe its still a cop-out, I just don't wanna come up with random titles and the song titles have specific meanings to me at this point. Maybe it's just a way of bumming others out by adding my own connotations to a song haha... The titles were all over the place as far as bands were concerned, I named a piece "My Boo" though because that song is awesome!!!


Does this mean you listened to these songs at some point while creating this series??


Yeah a lot.


Did you own any of those clear, glass, triangle prism's as a kid? I was kind of obsessed with them.


Sort of... when I was younger and played with Lego's they had a space series that were mostly black pieces, but the windshields and I guess laser cannons (or they were laser cannons to me anyway) were all neon, orange and yellows and purple and I thought those were the best!!! I guess I wasn't thinking of that when I was putting that together so maybe that's related to your first question... that's rad.


So, would you be stoked on staring at this new series, on weeeeed?


Haha yeah I guess I would... I don't party with the green wizard anymore, but I still make work with that mentality in hand, like that's how I judge if something is done or not a lot of times like "if I was fucked up now would I be good at staring at this for hours..." man I don't know... that sounds so silly to admit that.


What's your go-to midnight snack attack?







* Flyer image by Francesco Igory Deiana

Harley Lafarrah Eaves lives and works in San Francisco. His work focuses on abstraction and the psychedelic. Using meticulous lines and patterns he creates narratives that reference the occult, mortality, social interactions, and refracted light. The more literal elements of these themes (trees, pyramids, lines, light) come together to form compositions that allow the viewer insight into the artists psyche.


Francesco Igory Deiana was born in Milan, Italy and lives and works in San Francisco. Known for his probing and large and ball point pen drawings on paper. His pursuit bounds together the connections between man, nature and the social system we’re living in. His masks metaphorically represent the mental and behavioral barriers that civil society imposes to us, causing a condition of stress and frustration that is at odds with the primordial emotions generated by the nature, regulated by spontaneity and pure instinct..


More Light

A Two-person show of new works Francesco Deiana and Lafe Harley Eaves opens Friday February 24th, 2012.

Opening Reception from 7-10pm.

Show runs though March 25th, 2012.

Park Life Gallery

220 Clement st

SF CA 94118