Preview: Jeremy Geddes "Exhale" @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

October 18, 2012

As we have been noting on the site all week (can you tell we are excited?), Australian artist Jeremy Geddes will be having his US debut at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC this Saturday, October 20. The February 2012 cover artist will be showing on the same night as fellow Aussie and extreme talent, Ashley Wood. The painting below, Pale Memory, will also be released as a print on opening day, at 1PM

"exhale is a series of 17 paintings by Jeremy Geddes, rendered in meticulous detail, an arduous process that combines scrupulous observation, fine brushwork and delicate layers of glaze.


"Many of the works in the exhibition depict figures suspended in desolate urban landscapes or fractured environments that are in the process of falling apart. These complex works are contrasted by a series of smaller works that feature a single subject isolated in a solid black plane.


"Also, on Saturday 20th October there will be a print of Pale Memory available at the gallery from 1pm. The edition is limited to 100 and is one per person."



Jeremy Geddes
October 20—November 17, 2012
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
New York, New York