Preview: Herakut "AFTER THE LAUGHTER" @ LeBasse Projects

February 25, 2012

Herakut, who just held a full performance art piece with Lucent Dossier in downtown Los Angeles last weekend, is opening a new solo exhibition, After the Laughter, at LeBasse Projects Chinatown in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 25. The exhibition will feature sculptures, photography and wall installations.

In conjunction with the opening, the Munich and Franfurt-based Herakut will also be releasing their second book also titled “After the Laughter” – with a signing from 6-7pm. After a period of producing a series of work on canvas and exhibiting in ‘white wall’ style exhibitions, Herakut returns to an approach like their early years in presenting a fully immersive installation. The exhibition will showcase new original paintings, drawings, photography and a series of sculptures.


After the Laughter

February 25th – March 17th 2012

Artist reception: Saturday, February 25th, 7-10p

Book Signing: Saturday, February 25, 6-7pm

LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown

932 Chung King Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90012