Geoff McFetridge "MEDITALLUCINATION" @ V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

Mar 22, 2014 - Apr 26, 2014V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

Geoff McFetridge does a lot of things very well. He does visuals for the film "HER," collaborations with Jack Spade/Heath Ceramics/NIke/Spike Jonze, and makes beautiful minimalist paintings. He was also the cover of the September 2013 Juxtapoz print edition, and he painted a surfboard for our special benefit auction for Waves for Water that starts today (March 18). And, this Friday, March 21, he opens a brand new set of exhibition of 13 paintings, Meditallucination, at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. 

From the gallery:

McFetridge has developed a distinct visual alphabet and vocabulary, his paintings are minimal, but convey overwhelming possibilities. He puts a lot of faith in the viewer’s ability to finish what he started. A silhouette of a girl in a bathing suit, barely suggested by the juxtaposition of colors, caught on a cyan pane dissecting the canvas, is at once poetic, humorous, heartbreaking, mundane and magic. The work is titled “The Trap” and is a precise example of McFetridge's visual language, a tightrope between figuration and abstraction. Remove one color or line, and the composition collapses. The lack of charged or abundant information enables the viewer’s mind to compensate and stimulates a personal narrative.

”I have always been interested in creating work that lies between image and language. Imagery that your mind “reads” as language rather than seeing them as spatial or physical things. These graphic images are for me a way to induce a misfiring of our mind to create a connection, and resonance for the viewer. I want them to feel something, not happy, or sad, but to feel like the letter T.”

“The images are meditations, in that they come from inside but they are also listening to the world around me. The paintings attempt to deeply engage with reality to try to attain transcendence. Hallucinations in that they are a made of the raw material of our brain, beyond experience, they are found images that are nearly hard wired into our minds.” - Geoff McFetridge, LA, 2014.