Preview: Cleon Peterson and Bill McRight @ Guerrero Gallery, SF

March 10, 2012

Tonight, March 10 in San Francisco, Guerrero Gallery will open a featured solo show with Cleon Peterson, The Brinksman, and a show with Bill McRight in the project room titled When You Get Power. As Peterson says of this new body of work, it is a "a gray world where law breakers and law enforcers are one in the same; a world where ethics have been abandoned in favor of personal entitlement.”

On Peterson:

Peterson depicts life as war between displaced individuals in a dystopian world. Acts of brutality, abuse and perversion serve as rituals of power, revealing narcissistic indulgences in violence, sex, religion and drugs. In exploring the tension between the individual consciousness and unconscious psyche, Peterson’s paintings bring to light the resulting possibilities when varying moral schemes are personified. When faced with the dilemma of fight or flight, it’s fight. We observe an ongoing struggle in the thick of a contemporary world, where the instinctual desire to survive through primitive actions takes reign.

On McRight:

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present When You Get Power, an exhibition by Bill McRight. Through a fascination with individuals and groups who depart from the mainstream to exist on the fringes of society, such as soccer hooligans, street gangs, prisoners and skin heads, McRight’s invented artifacts symbolically represent the inherent resourceful nature of those choosing to exist apart of the norm.



“The Brinksman”

Cleon Peterson Featured Solo

“When You Get Power”

Bill McRight Project Room

March 10, 2012 — April 07, 2012

Guerrero Gallery