This Saturday, June 16, Canlove will be opening a solo show at 941 Geary in San Francisco, titled No Can Left Behind. Canlove is an LA-based Graffiti Recycling Organization founded and managed by creative partners DJ Neff and Paul Ramire, who aspire to transform every discarded spray can into its own work of art, and this show will be the first large scale installation of the artist collaborative.

Colin Day has been spending time with the collective in preparation for the show, and passed along a preview to us.

From the gallery:

For this show, MTN Colors graciously donated 1,500 white, unusable cans of spray paint to the cause. Canlove used this opportunity to collaborate with a number of leading artists by creating fifteen of their "can-vases", made from one hundred flattened cans, measuring a large-scale 70"X45". Artists who "canlove" include EINE, Risk, Hush, APEX, Neon, Chor Boogie, Niels Shoe Muelman, Kofie, Codak, Haste, Mearone, KrushTWS, and PeopleLA.


In the center of the gallery, a massive geometric tree will stand tall, bearing hanging flowers all around. Flowers, formed from the top of the spray can, will then be arranged within a complete floral shop display, allowing visitors to customize bouquets. Can-popped paintings, made from the quick release of gas and paint, will be a vibrant piece of the install, featuring the color brilliance that spray paint lends our cities.





No Can Left Behind
June 16—July 28, 2012


941 Geary
San Francisco, California