Preview: Barron Storey "Soliloquy" @ Lebasse Projects

February 10, 2012

Legendary illustrator and artist, as well as teacher to the likes of James Jean and David Choe, Barron Storey opens a new solo show, Soliloquy, at LeBasse Projects this Saturday, February 11. The exhibition will feature large-scale works from the artist.

As LeBasse notes, "Storey's visual journaling of thought and experience is nuanced by a subdued palate with subtle accents of expressive color. The effect is further enhanced by the inclusion of textual passages creating a pronounced literal narrative accompanying the visual themes. Storey's work engages and provokes with this emotive exploration, and granting us access to a world of self-revelation expression."

And as Mr. Choe notes, "Nobody draws better than Barron. Not you, not your little sister, your architect dad, not your rebellious ex-boyfriend who draws with his own
blood, not the most talented kid at your art school. Not your favorite artist in the whole world; I've seen the work with my own eyes. Nobody draws better than The Barron."



Barron Storey
February 11 – March 3, 2012
Artist reception: Saturday, February, 11, 7-10p
LeBasse Projects
Culver City, California