Preview: Augustus Thompson + Chris Lux @ New Image Art, Los Angeles

August 01, 2012

We have had our eye on both Augustus Thompson (above) and Chris Lux over the past two years, and we were very happy to see both artists showing together at New Image Art Galley in Los Angeles opening this Saturday, August 4, 2012. In this show, the artists celebrate their shared affinity for Modern art as the jumping off place for contemporary painting, sculpture, and constructions. We will definitely go check it out.


From the Gallery:In new work, Chris Lux makes playful use of intent and influence, pushing his visual narratives to become objects which reference historical painting and sculpture. Decoration, ceramics, lighting, and resin engage more formal works on paper and canvas to create self-contained installations. The varieties and application of materials update Lux’s two-dimensional work and create, he says, “a time where all bits of culture, from modern to prehistoric, wait at the same bus stop.”


Augustus Thompson continues his work in watercolor with a series of portrait studies based on the figure awash in Aristide Maillol’s, The River (1938-43). Each portrait creates a different fraction of time in the eternal, anguished movement of the Maillol sculpture. Constructions in plaster, canvas, and black plastic finish the series and flow from the original watercolor blocks to anchor the artifacts spatially within a river-like continuum.

Chris Lux:





Augustus Thompson + Chris Lux
Opens Saturday, August 4, 2012
New Image Art Gallery
Los Angeles, California