Preview: Andrew Schoultz "EX UNO PLURA" @ Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton

June 19, 2012

San Francisco-based Andrew Schoultz, who was the cover artist of our March 2012 issue, will be opening a new solo show, Ex Uno Plura, at Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, New York on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Hopefully its close to the neighborhood in Revenge. The works will include a focus on  the nature of, and visual commentary on the American flag. Schoultz will be creating an installation on a real flag pole outside of the gallery. He has prepared 32 works, as well as an installation inside the space, for Ex Uno Plura.

From Eric Firestone Gallery... (Firestone is one of the organizers and curators of the Boneyard Project).

At Eric Firestone Gallery, Schoultz will mount an exhibition that combines his signature mural painting in a unique installation as well as multiple works focused on the nature of, and visual commentary on the American flag. Applying thick layers of paint atop authentic flags, Schoultz gilds his creations in gold and white gold leaf to stunning effect. In full view of the web of politics, history, and global significance of the flag, this promises to be a provocative show.


Known for labyrinthine installations that defy categorization, Schoultz's oeuvre is one of dizzying cultural commentary that expresses the urgency and perplexities of modern time. Like an optic brainteaser, the final results of a Schoultz endeavor combine graffiti, collage, old world cartography, and medieval script while referencing techniques such as woodcut printing, Ben-Day dots, Arabic calligraphy and the richness of Indian mural painting. Schoultz's work captures the spirit of our world, drawing on the cultural clamor and restless vitality of dissenting voices, political wrangling and galactic alignment.



All photography by Randy Dodson