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Tieken Gallery LA Kicks Off First Show: "Killer Bees Attack Mar-a-Lago"

Oct 21, 2017 - Dec 16, 2017Tieken Gallery LA, Los Angeles

Tieken Gallery LA opened on October 21, 2017 on Chung King Road with an installation entitled Killer Bees Attack Mar-a-Lago and solo show of paintings by Fred Tieken.

In Fred Tieken’s paintings, the energy of street art is transformed through the artist’s feel for color, composition, and sense of humor. After years as a musician, and then a graphic artist, Tieken found his voice as a painter by adding the clarity of graphic art to the uninhibited energy of jazz and rock music.

Painting in acrylics on surfaces that range from canvas to cardboard to aluminum (often adding elements of collage), Tieken uses bold brushstrokes to create complex areas of movement that provide each image with a strong surface energy. His color palette shines. Bursts of red, yellow, and green animate his compositions.

Over Thanksgiving weekend (November 24 - 26) There will be an opportunity to talk with Tieken about his work, outlook on art, and life. Check their website for more details.

UPDATE: The Closing Reception of Killer Bees Attack Mar-A-Lago will be held on Saturday, December 16 from 6pm to 10pm.

Since the show’s opening, thousands of art fans have visited the gallery to see the installation alongside two stories full of original paintings. Now the show is drawing to a close