The 2018 LA Art Show kicked off on Wednesday January 10th, 2018, running through Sunday January 14th, 2018. In addition to filling 260,000 square feet with art from all over the world, spanning the realms of performance, painting, sculpture, illustration, and nearly every other medium, the LA Art Show also included the 5th installation of Littletopia, a fair-within-a-fair dedicated to the world of low-brow and pop-art. This 2018 edition of Littletopia was the first to be hosted without its founder (and our co-founder) Greg Escalante, so it included a memorial dedicated to Greg, and the immense contributions he made to the world of low-brow art, and art as a whole. The show was a massive success, drawing in thousands of visitors, artists, gallerists, celebrities, and folks from all walks of life. Check out the gallery to get a small taste of what was offered at this year's LA Art Show, all photos here contributed by the borderline omnipresent Bird Man

Check back in to see our coverage from within Littletopia, which was curated by Rachael Cronin of Red Truck Gallery. Huge thanks to Rachael, as well as the whole organizing crew of this years LA Art Show for putting on an excellent exhibition of art, and for carrying on Greg's vision by hosting a fun event that holds space for low-brow art, and recognizes the talent, hard work, and genius behind the artists and gallerists in this hugely varied and culturally rich part of the art world.