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'The Jew and the Lotus' Podcast

March 03, 2016

"It's the most transparent way into the art world" according to Daniel Rolnik. The new podcast about the LA art scene, "The Jew and the Lotus," is hosted by Daniel Rolnik and Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot and Daniel Rolnik gallery. On the show, they share their thoughts on the challenges and triumphs of operating a space and navigating the art scene.

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We did a quick Q+A with these two to get the backstory on the program:

Juxtapoz: So how would you describe the podcast?
Eric Nakamura: I always say it's about art and life.

Daniel Rolnik: It's the best way to learn about art and what's happening specifically in Los Angeles -but it applies to everywhere, in the most fun and engaging way possible.

EN: Wow, he went for it. That's the elevator pitch right there. I'm sold.

DR: For me what's so cool is I learn from Eric, Eric claims to learn from me. And if we're learning from each other, if you listen in you're going to learn a lot too. And if you know some of the characters and start looking in, it becomes this whole universe. And we're both storytellers -because Eric started Giant Robot magazine and I started as an art critic and journalist. Naturally we're both able to tell stories.

EN: I thought it would be fun because our ages are different. 2 old guys talking about something would be really boring. So I thought it would be fun to work with Daniel because our age gap is actually 20 years.

It also puts a personal face to the gallery situation.
EN: We have to talk about our lives as well. It's a piece of what makes the art more fun.

DR: Because we don't want it to be boring, too infomercial. There's no edits, no filters.

EN: We'll talk about the bad things. I would think that most the other galleries are encountering similar things on different scales but they're going to make it look like nothing is going on, everything is smooth. But in the back room everything is chaos. Some people aren't going to admit it -but we are.

DR: It's the most transparent way into the art world.

Listen at thejewandthelotus.com