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adidas' Showcase Comes To LA

August 25, 2017

adidas Skateboarding is presenting their latest showcase, this time in Los Angeles at Seventh Letter Gallery. The showcase will be hosted by professional skateboarder and artist Clint Peterson, and is part of a series of art shows highlighting creative talent in the world of skateboarding

Adidas TheShowcase4 Poster 11x17in

Next week we'll be interviewing Homeless Cop and Austin England about their involvement with the show, be sure to check back then!

Here are the artists that will have work in the show:

Jacob Messex
Nora Vasconcellos
Randy Gastelum
Nicolas Delvalle 
Space Goth
Jason Keam
Ariel Wilson
Homeless Cop
Austin England
Host: Clint Peterson
DJ: Blondie Beach
Band: The Technicolors