Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum by Luzinterruptus

July 31, 2012

Currently at the Gewerbemuseum in Winthertur, Switzerland is the exhibition, Oh, Plastiksack, an exhibition dedicated to the plastic bag as an everyday item and as a focus for art and design. This much-discussed plastic product is explored in the context of society and the environment and as a theme of contemporary artistic work in the fields of painting, photography, installation, performance, urban art and design. One of our favorite collectives of the moment, Spain's Luzinterruptus have made a significant contribution to the show.

As the show was announced, residents of Winthertur were invited to donate disposable bags in exchange for tickets to enter the museum. Luzinterruptus then "chose the most colorful bags, filled each one with air, and put a light inside to illuminate the surrounding area. As the perfectly placed colorful sacks evolve over time into shabby, worn objects, visitors will experience a visual representation of the damaging toll these indestructible consumer products take on the environment. At the opening of the show, Luzinterruptus also introduced a large number of illuminated trash bag balloons. Visitors carried the objects around, decorating the sky with floating lights as they visited the exhibit." (via)