We recently re-watched one of our favorite movies, Paris, Texas (R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton!) and discovered that in preparation for shooting the film in late 1983, Wim Wenders traveled the West equipped with a 6 x 7 medium format camera searching out subjects and location that would bring that desolate landscape to life.

"For several months he drove the empty highways of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, transfixed by the vastness of a country saturated with light and color and energizedby the American cowboy mystique. Even in the twentieth century, it was a landscape that had lost none of ist evocative, mythic power. This collection of lush, colorful photographs magnificently displays what Wenders’ practiced eye sought out: dramatic and visually arresting images, haunting vistas, and the poetic dilapidation of a country touched by man but ruled by nature." —From the book, Written in the West