Kim Keever, who Juxtapoz has featured in our print edition in the past, is set to open a new solo show of photographs, Water Colors, at Waterhouse & Dodd in NYC this summer. HIs work over the past few years has been centered around experiments with color and color effects, documenting these almost other-worldly combinations on his large-format camera.

"There’s something about repetition that when you go through, the 10,000 hours, you go through certain processes to achieve what you are trying to achieve," Keever told us a few years ago. "If you are sincere, you tend to get better and better. Eventually you become the best in the world at what you are doing because you are the only one who has gone so far out on a limb." The former NASA intern's work does have a balance of science and art, experimentation and process and doing something over and over again to find answers or just to experiment for the sake of beauty. As you can see from the video below, Keever's work is quite stunning. 

Water Colors will be on view from June 27—July 31, 2018.