video: Roger Ballen's "Asylum of the Birds"

March 04, 2014

Last week we received an email from Roger Ballen notifying us that his new video “Asylum of Birds” was close to being released and with it the South African artist said, “The video is almost ready; you will not forget it.” And after viewing it several times we agree, it’s unforgettable. Shot by Ben Jay Crossman, the video follows Ballen through Johannesburg to a dark, horror movie-style shack/building that serves as an asylum for squatters and where a variety of animals run rampant inside (Predominantly birds as the title insinuates). Is this reality or fantasy? Words cannot describe so we suggest you just watch.

Roger Ballen recently graced the cover of our new Photography Zine

His new book "Asylum of Birds" is set to be released in April by Thames & Hudson

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