Using infrared film to capture "The Enclave" by Richard Mosse

February 24, 2014

Richard Mosse documents the complex situation within the Eastern Congo, an area called the Enclave, bordering on Rwanda and Uganda. In the wake of the genocide during the 1990’s there is almost no infrastructure; murders and rapes are commonplace. He hauls a large format camera around to take photographs of the nomadic rebel groups within this unstable region. He uses a disappearing infrared film which was created in the 1940’s for military purposes. The surreal pink beauty of these landscapes subverts a traditional documentary paradigm while using a very appropriate technology. These images are part of a larger exhibition which also contains a multi-frame video installation. Mosse successfully innovates on the documentary style of image making with absurd beauty juxtaposed within a landscape ridden with violence and confusion.

text written byCole Tracy