Ursula Sprecher & Andi Corellini: HobbyBuddies

June 15, 2014

From Poodle Club to Pipe Club, photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Corellini have sought to find the bizarre and the touching in our interests and leisure pursuits. Whilst some of the clubs are a little hard to believe exist (without wanting to name names, the Tupperware party club, coffee cream lid swap meet and the hat club did seem slightly more obscure), their documentation is quietly comforting in its reaffirmation in values of collective interest and enjoyment.

There are no real specifications for this project by Sprecher & Corellini. How the group refers to their activities: ‘club’, ‘league,’ ‘association,’ or ‘clique’ is irrelevant, the focus is that they are attended by individuals with a voluntary commitment for the joy of pursing a shared idea or interest.

The images are staged with members from each club, incorporating the various props, clothing and accessories that are a part of each clubs identity.  Making for humorous, insightful and at times strangely moving images that will have you renewing your faith and commitment to your current pastimes, or re-evaluating your spare time to fit in a new club to join. 

HobbyBudies, published by Kehrer Verlag

text by Maresa Harvey