Unknown Constellation

May 14, 2014

At the age of 8, photographer Robin Myers discovered the recently released book “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan. The book left a lasting impression on her by igniting a fascination with the workings of the universe which she explores in her photographic series “Unknown Constellation”. Myers photographed surfaces, textures, and objects where she found a visual resemblance to the universe and abstractly photographed them to show the viewer what she is seeing. “My work combines my interest in the aesthetics of scientific exploration as I discover it expressed in quotidian phenomena found in the visible world. I can find the stars on a marble surface, the Fibonacci sequence in hands and hair, the miracle of photosynthesis in algae emerging from the deep,” explains Myers. “Unknown Constellation” is on display at the Houston Center for Photography until July 6.

text by Canbra Hodsdon