Cosplay is a powerful expression of both individuality and diversity. It is a global phenomenon that unexpectedly allows many to fit together into one single chaotic, but cohesive community. It allows anyone to become a hero for a day. Whether it’s becoming a fictional character or becoming the ‘you’ the world sees, cosplay is everywhere – we are all always cosplaying in some shape or form.

After attending a cosplay convention in 2018, photographer Thurstan Redding became captivated by cosplay as a subject matter and embarked on a three-year photographic project to portray cosplay in a way it had never been seen before.

In this bold and surprising volume published by Volume, Redding captures the transfixing world of cosplay. Brought to life through the presentation of cosplayers in the most unassuming of places, this exceptional book highlights how creativity can thrive in the most mundane realities. Ingenious costumes are pictured in suburban homes, full regalia is shown at a local bus stop, handmade armor is shot in a teenage bedroom. Kids of Cosplay is a celebration of fandom and a window into a world where everyone can be united through their dedication to the fantastical art of transformation.

Sometimes, all it takes is to scratch the surface of our realities to reveal the fantasy that lies beneath…