Things Come Apart: What’s Inside Your Belongings?

June 30, 2016

Todd McLellan set out to reveal what many people may not know about their seemingly mundane possessions and devices – what they are made up of.

McLellan took apart fifty everyday objects and laid each piece that went into the configuration side-by-side, arranged by size and intricacy. The photographs of these broken-down gadgets have been put together in a book for your inner MacGyver’s enjoyment. The book, Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living, is more than just the inner-workings of a man equipped with a camera and curiosity. The photo series can be viewed as a commentary on technology – how, even as time changes and technology evolves to accomplish more sophisticated tasks, each device can be broken down and understood. Intermixed with the photographs are interesting and thought-provoking essays from important figures in the fields of restoration, DIY, and design. This book satisfies one’s inner childlike desire to take things apart in order to fully comprehend them. Each photograph offers a new take on objects that we take for granted, giving us a completely new angle from which we can perceive them. As you turn the pages, you will begin to see your everyday devices as suddenly unfamiliar, foreign objects.

- Melanie Rosenblatt