Contemporary photographer Rosie Brock invites her viewers into an eerie, transfixing world of her own creation, a masterful combination of her natural surroundings and her imagination.

Within her works, each a moment on pause, there is a palpable silence, and yet each piece is undeniably loud with color, detail and expressiveness in form.
Brock was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in both Gulf Coast Florida and Virginia, and is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography and Video at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. It is in part because of her roots that Brock is predominantly interested in observing and examining what is deemed culturally permissible, specifically in the context of the American South. Through a combination of various portraits of friends and family members, environmental vignettes, and landscapes, Brock creates a partially fictionalized visual narrative, influenced by her own memories and experiences. Her early upbringing has led to her interest in atmospheres, both psychological and physical, which occupy a space between the recognizable and the uncanny. On the topic of her subjects, Brock reveals that her photographs “focus on an underlying current of disquietment, which lies just below an accepted facade of normalcy.”

Rosie Brock has been featured in several exhibitions in and outside of New York City, as well as taking part in numerous web and print publications, most notably the Art Baby Girls Book, Teen Vogue, and ASOS Magazine. To view more of her work, you may visit her website.

- Cassandra Bils