The work of Paul Seawright

April 01, 2014

Paul Seawright is a Northern Irish documentary photographer. The majority of his projects aim to disseminate the highly complex issues of religious turmoil between sects of Christianity within his native land. Both the Protestants and the Catholics feel a sense of belonging that ties into larger political and moral beliefs, which each group perceives to be at odds with the other, creating tension and violence. In ‘Sectarian Murder’ Seawright returns to spaces where civilians were killed for their perceived religious preference, using a flash and creative compositions the images evoke a sense of the previous event. A motorcycle speeds passed a gravelly run-down lot where a teen was gunned down using an automatic gun from a motorbike, a dog trots along an idyllic Irish park where bodies often turn up, the solitude of a public playground by the ocean. In these seemingly innocent spaces Seawright brings forth the lingering horror while emphasizing the normality and openness of these places of violence. In other projects he documents the police force, the defensive architecture which insinuates violence, and locations on the peripheries of cities where police often search for the missing and dead. 

Text written by Cole Tracy