The work of Kent Andreasen

August 28, 2014

Kent Andreasen (b. 1991) is a photographer from South Africa who is making noise in the worlds of art, fashion, and more. His images prove a unique visual perspective developed while growing up in Capetown; high contrast, with jet black shadows and hues that jump off the page. Andreasen studied cinematography at AFDA. His understanding of the cinema of daily life is evident in his ability to treat a wide gamut of subjects with an curious eye. As he explained to Yagazie, “I think being over influenced can numb your true inspirations. I would say daily life and how my outlook on life changes as I grow up determines my inspirations.“ Whether it be still-lifes or his growing collection of portraits, all of this artist’s photos are created with a stunning understanding of color and light. 

text by Linnea Stephan